Blue Butterfly

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                                      To Be

To love and to be loved and to be there for those I cherish and care for.

To be free to be happy and to be at peace with myself and others.

To be able to pursue my dreams and do the things I enjoy.

To strive to the best of my ability to bring out the best in myself and others.

To embrace that which is life-enhancing and let go of that which is life-defeating.

To endure that which needs to be endured and work through "the what" that needs to be be.

To align myself in right association whether it be in: thought, effort, work, values, food, or people.

To share what I have learned and what I have with others.

To be able, great or small, to make a difference in another persons' life.

"To be or not to be," seemed for me, "To be more of an answer, than a question."
Blue Butterfly

                     Timothy E. Stevenson   March 18, 1999 ©