Blue Butterfly

                        Thought and Relationships

All is a creation.
Even a relation between two people.
A loving relationship is not a thing of favour or chance;
but is, the natural result of right thinking, effort, and action.
And requires hard work, courage, and maturity.

When there is mutual...
trust and honesty, respect and consideration, commitment,
caring and sharing, communication and understanding,
good-faith and good-will, the more meaningful the relation is.

By the right choice and application of thought a relationship shines,
there is intimacy and warmth, pleasure and joy.
The "relating" to one another is is mutually nourishing and life-enhancing.

By the wrong choice and application of thought a relationship fades,
there is pain and a coldness, heartache and disillusionment.
The "relating" to one another is is toxic and life-defeating.

All relationships can be positioned between these two extremes.
The thoughts we choose to think and act upon will determine where.

Each is equally responsible to challenge or confront "anything" that would poison the relationship. Ongoing awareness and vigilance is required.

In any moment a relationship is either rising, staying, or falling.
And those, I've come to learn,
who embrace both endings and new beginnings - transcend.

Timothy E. Stevenson   April 13, 2001 ©


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