Malala Yousafzai at the age of 16. At the age of 15, coming home from school, she was shot in the head and left for dead by the Taliban. Two young girls along with her were also shot. On a daily basis there are woman of all ages being brutualized by the Taliban. To me: I see no difference between a Taliban and a WWII Nazi. Mindless goons with guns being led by a dark-hearted madman.
Miss Malala Yousafzai is my inspiration, and why I decided to go public with my work. She taught me the meaning of courage. In appreciation for what she has taught me. The "Love Light" poem I dedicate to her. She is the authentic Be-The-Light person.

When a religion becomes evil, and every religion is capable of becoming this:
When the eccentrics, crazies, fanatics, or the small-minded take over: blinded-by-the light.

Religions - A Work in Progress

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Love LightBlue Butterfly

The sun, self-generating and self-energizing,
and radiates tremendous amounts of light.
  The light not discriminating with what it is shone upon.

So too, with a great love.

With love being those life-enhancing and life-affirming qualities...
which shine, great or small, within us all.

   Just as our world is in need of the sun's light and warmth;
we too, are in need of you.   

   Every generation is given the task and responsibility of bringing to...  
"light" and addressing their generation's darkness.
Be-the-light that expels the darkness;
illuminate and enlighten, speak your truth softly and clearly.
One candle can light a thousand, thus let your voice be heard.
By staying silent we only condone. If required, organize and take action.
We advance civilization and humanity when we do.

A star is a distant sun....
and long after it expires, its light can still be seen.

So too, with a great love.

Blue Butterfly

Timothy E. Stevenson   February 28, 2001

<--- Honourable mention to Aitzaz Hassan, 15, who bravely tackled a Taliban suicide bomber (and died) that was trying to enter his school. He prevented hundreds of his school-mates from being killed or injured. Aitzaz could have saved himself by running away, but he didn't. Fifteen and already a man.

Taliban: listen up, man-to-man, "In Canada we protect our women and children: support and encourage them to go to school to become all that they can be; doctors, researchers, engineers, pilots, teachers, truck drivers, astronaughts... We don't raise our daughters to go into forced marriages to become some sex-slave or punching-bag for some old pervert four to five times her age. There must be a few good men amongst you. Good men v.s. goon men. And yes, in Canada, we too, have our share of goons - every country has the unfinished-brute.

National Geographic: 95 to 98% of the DNA between a man and monkey are the same.

"It is not a sin to be ignorant, but it is a sin to stay ignorant." (Bible/Koran)

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